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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New year resolutions

Exercise 1.
Work in pairs and answer these questions:
– Why do people fail in meeting their resolutions?
– What's the percentage) of people who fail in keeping their resolution?
– What do you think micro resolution is?
– Why is making small changes in our behaviour better than setting ourselves 'big'
Exercise 2.
Watch the video again and find the answers to these questions:
1. Who's Caroline Arnold?
2. What's the first rule that helps you stick to resolution and how to implement it?
3. Why did Mrs. Arnold decide to write the book?
4. How did she start her first micro resolution?
5. What does the writer mean by establishing a pattern in our mind.
Exercise 3.
Here are the sentences that you've heard in the video. Watch the video again, put the words in
the correct order and match them with the speaker.
1. TV Presenter (Man) a. different / something / explicitly / Instead / pledging / of /
different. / be / to / do / to / pledge / you
2. TV Presenter
b. tackle. / We / you / bet / to / like / 've / some / got / New
Year's/ you'd / resolutions
3. Caroline Arnold
c. She / nail / has / up / come / down / the resolutions / get /
and / right / them / time. / the / first / a system / with / to / you /
help / refocus / can / so / you / that
Exercise 4
 Here are 9 failures people do that stop them from achieving their resolutions. In pair discuss
each sentence and think about the reasons it's considered to be a mistake, if possible give
1. The first mistake is that we don't write our resolutions down.
2. The second one is that we create too many goals.
3. The third mistake is that we only focus on one area of our lives.
4. The next mistake is that we don't make our resolutions specific.
5. The fifth mistake is that we don't make our resolutions measurable.
6. The fact that we don't assign a due date is the sixth mistake.
7. The seventh reason we fail when setting resolutions is that we don't keep them visible.
8. We don't get out of our comfort zone – is the eighth mistake.
9. The final mistake is that we don't make the resolutions compelling